Swiss Made Super Clone Omega Speedmaster Watches We Think Are Worth It

Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Broad Arrow Moonphase
I sold my cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Broad Arrow Moonphase (ref. 3575.20) in 2014 to fund another Speedmaster. I was surprised to see that prices are still about the same 10 years later. For around €4,500, you can find a nice example of this Speedmaster today. This perfect super clone Omega is based on the (1997–2003) Speedmaster ’57 Broad Arrow but has a moonphase complication, a white dial, and blue hands. It’s also similar to the 1999 Apollo 11 30th-anniversary Speedmaster Professional Moonphase in white gold.

Anyway, for less than the price of a pre-owned current-series Moonwatch, you can buy yourself a nice variation with an additional complication. You can hardly go wrong with one of these. Not many people know that the bezel is made of 18K white gold. Inside is the Lemania-based 1866 movement. It’s the caliber 1861 with a moonphase and date module added. On Chrono24, you will find approximately 40 examples of this luxury replica Omega on offer.

Replica Omega Speedmaster ’57 Relaunch
We’ve covered the Speedmaster ’57 Relaunch — or “Replica” — with its Broad Arrow hands many times (like here, here, or here). AAA quality super clone Omega first introduced it in 1997 as part of the Missions suitcase, which consisted of 22 Speedmasters with a NASA mission patch at 9 o’clock and one of these Speedmaster ’57 models. Only one year later, this watch became available separately in the Omega catalog. Three of the Fratello writers have one, including me. I recently put it on an original Omega tan leather strap similar to the one it originally came with (I found one at the Swiss movement replica Omega boutique at Geneva airport). The watch also came on the typical ref. 1998 bracelet as an option.

Depending on the condition, you can find these watches on the pre-owned market for under €3,000 in Japan. In Europe and North America, you will generally see higher prices. However, it is possible to find a high quality replica Omega Speedmaster ’57 for less than €4,000. Although it isn’t the classic Moonwatch, the polished and faceted Broad Arrow hands on the dark gray dial and the steel bezel add a nice dynamic to the watch. As I’ve written before, study the applied top quality fake Omega logo and hands before you buy the watch. I have seen quite a few with corrosion on them. Click here to find your perfect pre-owned cheap super clone Omega Speedmaster ’57 Relaunch watch. There’s also a watch (with no box or papers) for sale here for just over €3,500.

Best 1:1 Super Clone Omega × Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch is a true collaborative effort

That’s where the MoonSwatch comes in. I can talk all day about what happened and discuss what it has brought to perfect super clone Omega and Swatch. But let’s keep it short because I already spent many words on the TAG Heuer and explained my love for the MoonSwatch in a previous Sunday Morning Showdown article. On top of that, our readers know the story all too well, Daan. Regarding the collaborative effort, I love the combination of Swatch and luxury fake Omega for simple reasons. First off, both are watch brands. As such, both are active parts in making the MoonSwatch come alive. With Swiss made replica Omega “providing” the Speedmaster design and Swatch executing it in typical Swatch fashion, it’s a true collaborative effort.

The initial series is also based on a concept — our solar system — that brings a nice small story to every watch. This concept also allowed for the continuation of the story with the cheap replica Omega MoonSwatch Snoopy models. The Moonshine versions in between may have been debatable, but they didn’t hurt my love for the MoonSwatch altogether. Slapping a logo on a reissue of a classic is far from a true collaborative effort. It misses the excitement and curiosity that characterized the aaa quality super clone Omega MoonSwatch releases.

Only one of these two is a proper “fun watch”
The price is another simple reason for liking the Swiss movement copy Omega MoonSwatch better than the Formula 1. At €275 for the regular MoonSwatch and €315 for the Snoopy versions, they are several times less expensive. Combined with the nice collaborative concept, it makes these watches fun and creative. That is exactly the type of watch that Swatch set out to make when the brand debuted in 1983. As such, the Omega MoonSwatch replica for sale is very much on brand.

The same cannot be said for the Kith Heuer Formula 1 collab. At €1,500, it defeats the purpose of the original Formula 1. On top of that, TAG Heuer has provided no info on the movement, and while there may be a slight upgrade in materials, nothing justifies the list price. It’s too expensive to be a fun copy watch. And that is a strange realization. It makes the high quality super clone Omega MoonSwatch a better collaborative effort, a better-looking series, and an overall fun watch at a much better price. Have a fun Sunday, people!

Swiss Super Clone OMEGA UK Counts Down to the Paris Olympics With New Speedmaster Chronoscope Watches

With 100 days until the Paris 2024 Olympics, perfect super clone OMEGA UK now reveals two new Speedmaster Chronoscope timepieces. Offering in stainless steel and 18k Moonshine™ Gold, the new timepieces nod to the quadrennial global sporting event’s color schemes.

Both Swiss made replica Omega watches feature a 43mm case size and a silver-white opaline dial punctuated with blackened subdials. The dial references a “snail” design from the 1940s, boasting a trio of dark gray timing scales comprising a tachymeter, pulsometer and telemeter.

Fitted with a black bezel – aluminum for the steel version and ceramic for the Moonshine™ Gold – implemented with a tachymeter scale. AAA quality replica Omega Arabic numeral hour markings and leaf-shaped handset are treated in PVD Moonshine™ Gold, adding a radiant touch that accentuates its “snail” dial.

In commemorating the event, the caseback is stamped with a medallion, “PARIS 2024” letterings alongside the Olympic Rings. The high-precision, in-house Calibre 9909 beats away at 28,800 vibrations every hour. Manually-wound, the top quality super clone Omega chronoraph is geared with Co-Axial escapement and column wheel, while also being a METAS-certified Master Chronometer.

Prices range from $9,500 – $51,400 USD, the new timepieces are available with matching metal bracelets, a racing-style leather strap for the steel edition as well as a smooth leather strap version for the Moonshine™ Gold. Head over to high quality super clone OMEGA’s official website to inquire on the watches’ availability.