Does the new 1:1 Super Clone Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Mission on Earth solve the fatigue surrounding the collection?

With a rather quick turnaround, just four days after the teasers, Swatch and perfect replica Omega have just unveiled a new MoonSwatch Mission on Earth trio that is set to hit stores Saturday, June 15, 2024. Speed and pacing are not just relevant to the announcement, but also to the collection itself as we see a recurring theme of “MoonSwatch fatigue” amongst the watch community and its feedback on social media.

The original 1:1 fake Omega MoonSwatch has cemented itself in horological history as arguably the most massive watch launch of all time. The hype surrounding the collection and the attention it brought to copy watch collecting was both beneficial and, in some ways detrimental down the line. I have said before that such a massive debut could theoretically only lead to diminishing returns.

We saw in our recent post ahead of the Mission on Earth unveiling that the majority of poll respondents expressed a sense of being tired of the aaa quality replica Omega MoonSwatch: that new configurations do not ultimately solve the availability issue some feel still plagues the range. We saw 46% of 590 respondents selecting the “who cares?” button in our initial poll, and the numbers didn’t get any better in our just-shared post-launch poll, with 40% out of 239 respondents (at the time of writing) saying they wouldn’t be purchasing any of the new models.

So, with some expressing they no longer want new MoonSwatch models and that Swatch and Swiss movement replica Omega need to review and refine how existing models are sold, is this new launch what the collection needed to reignite the seemingly waning MoonSwatch momentum?

Based on the feedback I am seeing on social media, the more welcome development in the MoonSwatch saga, rather than new fake watches for sale, would be Swatch announcing that the existing MoonSwatch models are available for sale online. There are plenty to choose from already, and lots of consumers would likely become less antagonistic to the collection were they able to acquire the design of their choice. That being said, these three new high quality fake watches are attractive additions to the lineup. But as we see with any brand that introduces new unobtanium products, the online sentiment will sway negatively in frustration or envy.

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