1958 Best Qualility Omega Seamaster Super Clone Watches Online

The definition of a sports watch was very different in the 1950s, and those early generations of perfect super clone Omega Seamasters are just perfection in my eyes.

I recognise that my 1958 aaa quality replica Omega Seamaster with the calibre 503 isn’t exactly “go anywhere, do anything” due to the lack of water resistance, but there’s yet to be a day where wearing it has been the wrong choice. A watch with sophisticated sensibilities will always dress down better than a modern sports copy watch can dress up, and this one just rides the line so well between smart and casual.

For me, 34mm is the perfect diameter, so it’s no wonder that there haven’t been many modern 1:1 replica watches that can challenge the luxury super clone Omega Seamaster’s place of pride in my collection. The two-tone of the steel case and gold indices validates any other metal I choose to accessorise with as well, and it easily takes to a wide variety of straps.

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